Sleep Does a Body (and Brand) Good”

In episode 14 of the Adlandia Podcast, hosts Laura Correnti and Alexa Christon sit down with guest Callie Schweitzer, Chief Content Officer at Thrive Global. Most of the episode centers around Thrive’s mission to bring human well-being into the spotlight it deserves. But this article is focused on the moments meandered to within the conversation.

As the fourteenth minute approaches, Callie speaks to the collaborative process around information gathering and sharing. Something TBD was built for. She illustrates how the current idea of “staying ahead of the curve,” is a selfish endeavor of information hoarding.

“I so believe that experimentation, growth, innovation and learning in this industry has to come through collective, hive-minded, information sharing, discovery and discussion.”

The episode continues to tackle nuances as Callie turns her comments toward niche communities and the incredibly powerful role they play in today’s media strategy.

“To build an audience from nothing, you start by super serving a passionate audience - find a need, fill that need. These people become your ambassadors and community and drive your success.”

Banking on the future being niche, she goes on to say that the days of “spray and pray are so over” – a response to the traditional model of chasing scale rather than targeting. She firmly believes value adds are paramount and went on to describe pop ups and interruptive media as “micro-hates.” A term she uses to represent the type of marketing that often results in brand avoidance rather than favorable awareness.

In a brief follow up Q&A with Callie, we learned more about the power of niche and how Thrive’s mission of well-being can translate into the agency/client relationship. Thanks for the personal perspectives shared Callie! For those interested in digging deeper into her thoughts on audience, hop over to this episode of Marketing Decoded with GE’s CMO Linda Boff and speed ahead to the 5:35 mark.

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