How Agencies Can Build Offerings Against the Consultancies Which Are ‘Gobbling Up’ Agencies”

Advertising and marketing have traditionally lived center stage as the showmen of a brand. During a talk given at Mumbrella 360, SapientRazorfish’s Hilding Anderson urges the industry to realize it’s time to make a tough transition to the “backstage” scene. Business transformation conversations are what’s leading the industry from a “push” to a “pull” model.

“Marketing and technology, which have long been the support functions, are now weapons, and agencies have to be part of that conversation to make the change. What you see is that that’s a lot harder and a lot more complex. That’s the next challenge for both clients and agencies and consultancies.” – Hilding Anderson

Below is Hilding’s onscreen presentation for the event, but you can read the original article covering his talk here.

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